New monthly report

September's statistics report is now available., you can view it here:

September 2011 Report

Thanks to everyone who continues to tribute.

What is Stat Share?

StatShare is a project that aims to analyse website statistics to answer questions on all areas of analytics such as bounce rate, vistor demographics and more. All with the idea of providing an easily used bench mark for developers to compare with and measure their own sites by. This is done by allowing people to anonymously share their analytics through the site. The current version of StatShare has API support for Google Analytics to make this a little bit easier and we're working on adding new API's all the time.

Stat Reports

It's been a long time coming but thanks to all who have participated in beta testing we are putting together our first monthly report.

To help our reports improve and provide better data for everyone please consider signing up and sharing your own webstats with us.
We currently have API compatibilty for Google Analytics and are working on providing more for other analytics providers.

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To make StatShare work we need our users to share their analytics data. If you would like join in just enter your email address below.
If you have any concerns about your data please have a quick read of our about page.